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How Can You Protect Your Assets in Mount Vernon, IL?

Draft a will with your probate attorney

The wills and trusts process allows you to do what you want with your property in the event of your death. Preparing a will can give you control over what happens to your assets after your passing. Curry Law Office of Mount Vernon, IL makes drafting a will an easy process.

I’ll ask a long series of questions about what your expectations are and how you want to divide your assets. For example, if you want certain assets to go to certain children, you’ll want to use very specific language to prevent anyone from challenging your desires during the probate process.

Are you interested in creating a living trust? A trust is a financial instrument used to divide your assets while you’re still alive, including your real estate holdings or bank account. You can have a trust without a will, and vice versa.

Get personal attention for the will drafting process

I have a very hands-on and personal approach to the process of drafting a will. We’ll discuss your personal goals and desires to put you at ease. Most importantly, you won’t talk to a secretary—you’ll talk one-on-on with me, your attorney. We’ll work together to draft a will that’s easy to understand. This will be a tremendous help to your loved ones in the event of your passing.

Call Curry Law Office today to get started on your will or trust.