Finally Be Financially Free – the story behind the book!

The Kindle edition of Finally Be Financially Free is available at Amazon.

I have been wanting to write a book like this for twenty years.

As an attorney, I helped an individual file for bankruptcy for the first time in 1993. It was a Chapter 7 liquidation. The next year I did my second bankruptcy – this time a Chapter 13. I also appeared before the bankruptcy court representing creditors getting relief from the automatic stay to allow the creditor to collect their collateral (mostly vehicles from a car credit company).

At this time I was working at a general practice firm doing mostly real estate and collections. I was also doing a lot of juvenile defense and getting a good reputation among the parents of the community. I started referring to the teens I represented as “my kids”. Unfortunately I would represent them often enough to know them well.

I went into bankruptcy full time in December 1995. A frequent question asked during the process (and especially when the case was finished) was “How do I prevent coming back?”

I would give them what advice I could, but a small percentage of my clients WOULD come back and refile a bankruptcy.

For some it was not their fault. One person in particular filed numerous Chapter 13s to allow him to keep his house from a particularly aggressive mortgage company. He would do a Chapter 13 – complete it to discharge, be legally contractually current with the mortgage company; but the mortgage company filed foreclosure anyway! It was less expensive for him to do a Chapter 13 and pay through the Trustee than fight the foreclosure. He eventually paid off his mortgage through the bankruptcy courts.

Others refiled because of unexpected medical bills. If not for the accident, they would not have had to refile.

Same with others who lost their jobs.

But a few fell right back into the credit trap. I would help with showing them their budget problems and finding ways they would make ends meet without incurring credit.

I gave lectures on financial budgeting and other issues. I explained ways to save and encouraged others to have the mental stubbornness to put their extra money into paying down their debt rather than buy the latest gadget. For example: instead of a big-screen HDTV, make this Christmas that quiet and intimate family gathering your wish it would always be.

So I put my advice and lecture notes into book form and called it Finally Be Financially Free.

In the book I discuss reviewing your paystub, making up an expense sheet, finding ways to save a little cash every month and how to use that cash to pay down your debt.

The holidays can be a joyous and kind-hearted time, but they can also be a time of great stress, especially if you are in financial trouble.

I hope Finally Be Financially Free helps give you or your family or friends the information you need to get through the financial blues during the season! Don’t forget you can also send the Kindle ebook as a gift!


About the author: Michael Curry of Curry Law Office in Mount Vernon, Illinois has helped thousands of individuals, family and small businesses in southern Illinois find protection under the Bankruptcy Code for almost twenty-five years. He is also available to help individuals and families with their estate planning (wills, power-of-attorney) and real estate and other sales transactions.

He is also the author of books on finance and bankruptcy available on Kindle through Amazon!

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